The Central Park Book

  • Venice Revisited

    For arm-chair travelers in a time of restricted opportunities to foreign countries, a travel diary can provide a great vicarious vacation. Here you may relive with me a day-by-day account of my wedding trip to Venice in 1984 with my new husband Ted, and subsequent return on our first anniversary one year later. This was something more than a trip of a lifetime since Venice is not only a place of the heart for newly espoused lovers but also a great treasure house for art- and architecture-lovers that beckons you to visit again and again. Please climb now into my  memory-laden gondola and follow my recaptured itinerary for an unforgettable experience of the glories of La Serenissima.

  • Wainscott: Cherishing Memories of my Former Home in a Non-Hampton Hamlet in the Hamptons

    In memory I feel the key I am holding in my right hand turn the lock as my left hand presses down on the handle that opens the front door. Now stand with me in the entry vestibule as I tell you about the history of the farmhouse I owned for fifty-four years in the hamlet of Wainscott within the Township of East Hampton on the South Fork of Long Island. We will then go back outside and take an illustrated tour of the garden that I created during my fifty-four years of ownership of this property.